Om Apadamapa Hataram Dataram Sarva Sampadam Loka Bhi Ramam Sri Ramam Bhuyo Bhuyo Namamyaham

January 6, 2010

When i was in college, my friend’s father used to tell me how he would memorize poetry and say verses in his head over and over again.  Apparently, he was worried about many things and instead of letting these worries overtake his mind and create anxiety, he force-filled his consciousness with poetry.  I was raised via South Louisiana where the coffee and Catholicism are brewed strong.  I spent many a young night memorizing Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be ….  all in anticipation of one of the Sister’s beaming a smile at me in holy  first grade approval.  I am no stranger to the rosary, and have come to  adore the images and customs from my childhood, especially Mary.  So, it wasn’t so far fetched for me to start saying Mantras.  Interestingly enough, Malas or prayer beads used to chant mantra are 108 beads, which happens to be exactly double the 54 beads that make up a rosary.

My mind, especially over the last decade, has a tendency to reel with doubts, worry, complications, fear.  I spend a lot of time trying to weave through people’s motivation, trying to figure out what they are trying to get from me – because surely what they say can not be what they mean.   I try to pinpoint why I am this way, especially seeing that i was such a carefree person in my youth.  It seems that I am never good enough/strong enough/smart enough for what I want and that there is always someone there stopping me from getting it or someone is disagreeing with me.  The internal dialogue of my life is dripping with failure, misguided competition, insecurity, and self-degregation.  Though to look at my life, you wouldn’t guess it,  but still I have a hard time managing my mind.  So, I look around for external causes.  My over-controlling father, disappointed mother, my critical male siblings, the trust-fund kids, all my past boyfriends that really fucked me in the head, my abusive ex which unfortunately is also my son’s father, and his enabling family whom are always taking me to court.  this male dominated ego driven consumer oriented society and all its mind manipulating marketing slash negotiating for the mightly dollar. Lawyers, doctors and insurance companies, this stupid state I live in that stands in the way of having a real clinic,  and all the acupuncturists that have better lives than me….and of course, my selfish husband.

The end result is dizzying.  I have a seething kind of anger that is always brewing below the surface.  There are times that I wake from sleep gasping for breath, fearful that my life is being taken from me.  My fear creeps like molasses into cellular spaces and sticks there, mucking up all the operations of my once flawless system.

So, aside from Om Mani Padma Hum, and those chanted in past yoga classes or a random Buddhist sitting –  this is the first Sanskit mantra I am really trying.  I have been listening to the mantra being sung by Thomas Ashley-Farrand.  Ive been doing this now for 3 or 4 days, falling asleep to and waking to the looped mantra.  Yesterday, I got out a couple of well pronounced loops while following along with the text.  My son is even able to hum the rhythm of the chant, but of course him and my husband always add “sham ma lam ma ding dong” to it.  I have initial determination like a bull, so I choose a longer mantra, called a freight train mantra.  I really choose it because it has healing properties (Rama) and orginally I wanted to learn it to use when I was applying needles to people in physical pain or mental/emotional anguish.  This mantra can also be done in behalf of another person, which I thought was pretty cool.  But I can use some healing too.  So, here is my quest —  40 days of at least 1 hour of mantra –  or more traditionally 108, which should fit into an hour.  I’m gonna keep this journal to let you know how it’s going.  Thomas Ashley-Farrand says that a mantra releases it’s great power after being said  125,000 times.    Which if I had a calculator —  108 X 40 = 4320.  Soooo ….  looks like one should do the mala twice a day, which would be 232 malas, so 2 hours a day then.  108 x 2 = 216.  216 X 40 = So, in conclusion – If you did 6 malas per    day for 40 days, this will give you about 125,000 mantras.  But that would take a beginner 6 hours/day!  So I think as you get better at it, 2/day for 3 cycles of 40 days would give you 125,000.  There is a rumor of common occurance when one takes on a 40 day mantra quest.  Things start to happen.  The mud of life gets stirred up and yet,  like a lotus, we work past the muck and find our way into the light, above the water and bloom a beautiful bloom.  Watch out for Day 35.


10 Responses to “Om Apadamapa Hataram Dataram Sarva Sampadam Loka Bhi Ramam Sri Ramam Bhuyo Bhuyo Namamyaham”

  1. Samir Kulkarni said

    Hi Lori,

    Thanks for the mantra.


  2. GC said

    So, how did it work out for you? I found your story to be very interesting and am curious to the outcome of the mantra recital.

  3. It takes me 13 min to recite this mantra 108 times…
    so ….

  4. john-michael sun said

    hi Lori, I love this mantra, how lrical, musical it is. I’m a isinger/songwriter and I put it to music and I’m performing as kirtan. Great way to learn sanscrit. Peace…John-Michael Sun.

  5. T.N.Mahesh said

    This is a powerful mantra. This will never fail. I purcheased a book in Kannada (Language of Karnataka State) in that book this mantra is published. The book’s name is ENDU VIPALA VAGADA VEDUKTHA PARIHARIGALU in Kannada the meaning of this book is ENDU – NEVER, VIPALA – FAIL, VEDUKTHA – VEDAS, PARIHARAGALU – SOLUTION. The mantras published in this book is very good the mantras will never fail. Now the book is out of print. For English version you can contact SAPNA BOOK HOUSE, BANGALORE -560 009 KARNATAKA STATE. Web address WWW.

  6. Erica said

    Ok it’s two years later, but I just got around to reading this off of a google search. Please fill us in on how you have been doing! Long freight train mantras are hard to do. But I think you are right two malas a day for 40 days, but then 3 cycles. And thank you for sharing your experience.

  7. thanks said

    thanks for the sloka

  8. Elaine said

    I’ve been doing the freight train mantra for six months. My life has changed dramatically – for the better and I have shared this mantra with close friends. I just want to say that I wish you success…perseverence to continue…and unfold. Also…you are a remarkable writer. Your way with words is amazing. Consider writing as a new venture. I think you’d be successful. Elaine (a former Editor

  9. Sai said

    Jai Sri Ram

  10. Ranga N said

    If you are looking to overcome all the fears, mental fatigue, depression, anger…the endless list, you only need one word from the ancient Indian scriptures. The word, the taaraka mantra is “Rama”

    Sit on the floor in a padmasana or artha padmasana and repeat this in a loop for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening and you can observe the difference in a week.

    What I am suggesting above is like a user manual. It just tells you what you need to do to get what you desire.

    Wishing you good luck.

    Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama

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